Blackjack strategies

The basic strategy requires a player to look at the cards in your hand, look at the dealer’s card that he had turned face up and work out what you think the odds (likely chance) are of the dealer, or you, busting. The basic strategy goes into a lot more detail about what hands to play in certain situations, but in this guide we’re going to focus primarily on the composition dependent strategy and card counting.

Composition dependent strategy
There are various Blackjack strategies available to players, but because this guide is all about the basics and simple strategies, we’re just going to talk about the bare essentials. The first strategy we’ll discuss is the composition dependent strategy.

This strategy offers the player a 0.036% single deck advantage. The simplest way to explain this is to say that the total of the player’s cards total is taken into account. The composition dependent strategy also looks at the card values of each card, instead of just your card total. It is advised to use this strategy when playing with a single deck of cards and not multiple decks of cards. Because of this, the composition dependent strategy will have the most effect when the dealer stands on17, when the dealer can double down after a split, when playing with a single deck, when only one card is dealt after splitting and when there is no surrender rules used during a round.

The composition dependent is a great tool for acquiring an edge on your game once you have had a little practice as a beginner.

Card counting
Card counting is a form of advantage play and is a great opportunity to up your game. Card counting is allowed contrary to popular belief. It’s a great strategy to use because it enables Blackjack players to keep a record of the cards that have already been dealt by the dealer. Players can provide better predictions as to which cards are about to be handed out. Players, who use card counting, are able to keep note of the cards have been dealt and as well as the cards that haven’t. Some other benefits of card counting is when players have the upper hand they can increase their bets and by memorizing the cards that are no longer in play, players can estimate how many valuable cards are left to play with and can choose to double down more often.